The novel, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is basically a letter that a father wrote to his son who is African American.  He did this to explain to him what he would have to go through growing up as a black male.  I chose books that talk about the issues with African Americans and police brutality.  I also added articles that speak on some of many of the innocent teenage African American boys who were gunnerved down by policemen.  I feel as though these articles are very important to read to better understand this novel because they show real life cases  of what his dad is trying to warn him of.  While reading the articles on these boys, you will see how and why they are innocent and how their skin color played a major role in this situation.  I also addded these articles so that they could see how and why the parents of children of color should be more fearful that those with white children which shows white privilege.   Then, there is a website that is dedicated to one of the young boys who was shot by the police but lived and has reached justice. Although, he is still left paralyzed.  This is important because not many of the other ones got to live and tell their story.  There is another website devoted to the entire Black Lives Matter movement which of course comes into play when speaking on the police brutality against people of color. There are other links that go to popular items that I believe also shows what is explained in the novel.  There is a well known song, and movies on Netflix that show this.  One which is just to help the reader receive a better  understanding of racism. The other is one that shows a young, innocent boy getting gunned down by the police for no reason.  The cop knew he was shooting to kill too. There is also another movie which shows the judgements that people of color received from the police and it also showed what they had to go through growing up in the “hood.”  There’s an article inserted that shows how the media affects the way that people of color view themselves.  The negative stereotypes that they receive in movies, songs, television, or any media in general reflects on the way they see themselves.  This may cause them to believe that the racial slurs they receive are acceptable. Overall, every link on this website will take you to another source that will cause you to have a deeper understanding of this novel before or after reading it.  The main rEason of this novel is to warn the young males that they will not have it easy and to let them know that they sadly cannot live the same way (free) as others do.


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